CuePin is intuitive, easy-to-use and fast!  And it's loaded with useful features that are practical for virtually all design and marketing teams.

File Types

The file format you need to use is your business. Upload any design in JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF file type, and any document in Word or PDF format.

File types
Unlimited team members

Unlimited Team Members

We don't restrict the number of users you invite to your files or projects. Send an invite to your designer, developer, project manager, client and any one else.

File Versions

Most designs go through a number revisions before they're finalized. Keep all your file versions so you can revert back at any time and review previous designs.

File versions
Download files

Download Files and Projects

At any point throughout the project, any member of your team can easily and quickly download any file, along with all its versions or an entire project.

Approve Files and Projects

Once a project or file has been finalized, mark it as approved, so it goes to the bottom of the list and your team can concentrate on designs that are still in progress.

Approve File
Share project

Share Files and Projects

Share an entire project with a team member or just a single file within a project. This way you control the level of access each user has and what they can see.

Comment Directly on the Design or Doc

All users can leave quick, annotated feedback, notes and revisions, directly on the design file for the entire design team to see in real time.

Comment on design file
Chat window history

Chat Window and Message History

If you want to see the entire chat history for any design file, click on the chat window icon to see the entire message board history for all users.

Zoom In and Out

Use the zoom feature to zoom in and out of any design file. You can also use the CTRL + and CTRL - keyboard shortcuts to zoom, and CTRL 0 to return back to normal view.

Zoom in and out
Maximize design view

Maximize Design View

Remove the CuePin header and side margins with one simple click. This way you focus on the design file your reviewing and commenting on, without any distractions.