Privacy Policy

We have developed the following policy to help you better understand how and why your personal information is collected.

Why We Use Cookies

Through the use of cookies, this site gathers information about your search history and site preferences. We use cookies to offer you a more personal visitor experience.

You may use your browser settings to disable or turn off cookies. Be advised that doing so may affect your experience on and other websites.

Information About Your Visits

We collect usage statistics with Google Analytics and other tracking programs.

This data can include your browser type and IP address. It may also include details like the length of your visit, and at what time of day it occurred. It is not for external use; we collect it solely for the purposes of providing you a better user experience.

Third Parties

We take part in Google Adwords and Google Remarketing campaigns. Third parties, including Google, may display our ads on other websites and related content based on your interests and preferences as a result of your visit to this site.

Third-party tracking partners gather information about relevant content through their own use of visitor tracking tools including scripts and cookies. This third party tracking is subject to additional privacy policies, and it is managed entirely outside of CuePin.

If you would rather not participate in advertising programs, you may opt out using the instructions at Google’s advertising page.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This is the current version of our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy without notice.